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Animal Transportation

Thanks to our experience, we are leaders in live animals transportation. 

We transport live animals by air to any part of the world and also by road in our own vehicles within Madrid and surrounding areas (up to 150km). 

Travelling with your pet outside the European Union

We take care of informing you about all the necessary steps to transport your pet, including the regulations to follow, the necessary documentation, and possible requirements in the destination countries. 

Additionally, we remind you that according to the Spanish Government, there are certain mandatory steps that you, as the owner of the pet, must take before its transportation. 


Plan your trip in advance

  • Ask your veterinarian before planning your trip based on the destination and duration.
  • Keep in mind that upon your return, you must comply with the European Union requirements.
  • Check the country requirements at the consulate or embassy or on the Ministry´s website: see

Request the health certificate

  • Your veterinarian must be registered and enrolled in CEXGAN.
  • Remember that the health certificate validity is 10 days (note that some countries may have stricter requirements).
  • This certificate will ensure that your animal is healthy and meets the health requirements for travel.

Request the official export certificate

  • Your veterinarian will submit the request through CEXGAN (for which they must be registered in this application).
  • Ask your veterinarian for the request ID number

Collect the export certificate at the port/airport

  • Contact the veterinarians from the Animal Health Service in your province or at the airport or port from which you and your pet will depart (important: in some cases, it may be necessary to schedule an appointment).
  • On this website, you will find the contact numbers and emails:

Return to Spain

Your pet (dogs, cats, and ferrets) must:

  • Be identified with a microchip (or tattoo if done before 03/07/2011).
  • Have a European Union pet passport.
  • Be vaccinated against rabies with a valid vaccine at the time of travel.
  • If coming from a non-listed rabies risk country in Annex II of Regulation 577/2013, it must be accompanied by a rabies antibody test performed by an official laboratory.

For other species, please contact us.

Recommendations before the trip

  • Do not feed the animal at least 6 hours before the flight and reduce liquids if possible to avoid the animal needing to relieve itself inside the carrier.
  • We do not recommend the use of tranquilizers or sedatives with animals.
  • It is recommended to include a blanket or item with the owner’s scent to help keep your pet calm.
  • To learn how to measure your pet to choose the correct container or carrier, click here for a Guide to Container Dimensions.

Dogs and Cats transport

We understand that the transportation of your pets can be a delicate matter, and that’s why we want to assure you that they will be in the best hands with our staff. 

In this section, we provide you with the necessary steps to ensure safe transportation according to the established regulations for animal transportation. 

Here you will find all the information you need to guarantee the well-being of your pet during the journey. 

Transportation of Dogs and Cats

Transportation of Birds and Other Animals

We transport all types of animals: pets, ornamental birds, exotic animals, and/or transfers between zoological centers and Zoos. 

We understand that each type of animal requires special handling and must fit specific regulations. Therefore, we provide you with the necessary information for your animal to reach its destination safely and in compliance with all legal requirements. 

Trust in our experience and professionalism for the transportation of your animals. We only need you to provide the animal’s documentation, and we will take care of the rest of the procedures. 

Contact us

We will solve all your inquiries. 

We offer to our clients a clear, personalized, and competitive service. As advisors and experts in animal transportation, we provide a wide range of services and take care of all the processes involved in each operation to ensure that shipments reach their destination quickly, affordably, and safely. 

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