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Sea Freight Transport

We provide international shipping  in full-container maritime transportation and LCL service (less than a container) for smaller shipments. We offer the shipment of full containers to both domestic and international destinations, providing all the necessary information for customs procedures. We offer a wide range of ports all over the world. 

Container types:

  • Up to 26 cubic meters20ft Container 
  • From 26 to 56 cubic meters (m3) – 40ft Container 
  • From 57 to 65 cubic meters (m3) – 40ft High Cube (HC) Container 
  • Above 78 cubic meters (m3) – 45ft High Cube (HC) Container 

Seafreight transport is the most cost-effective option for shipping. You can send your goods in containers or consolidate them based on volume and weight. 

We offer a 130-square-meter warehouse with 24-hour surveillance at your disposal.

Once the delivery is complete, you can palletize and shrink-wrap your goods at a service cost of €25.00 per pallet. 

Once your shipment is ready for transport, with all necessary documents and the agreed service, we will load it in the container on the way to its final destination. 

We will answer all your questions. 

If you need more information or have any doubts about the calculation, please write us, providing the boxes dimensions, weight, value, etc and we will send you a quote without engagement. 

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