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Air Transportation

Do you need an urgent air transport? Import or export?  We can collect or deliver from/to any location. 

Transport your excess luggage, dangerous goods, human remains, live animals, or any other goods safely through urgent and effective transportation. 

Urgent Air Transportation

If you want to avoid paying excess baggage fees on your trips, we recommend scheduling your shipments with Garena Cargo. 

Our company cares about providing quality service to our customers, which is why we only trust leading companies in the transportation industry and have a highly skilled team. 

This way, you can be confident that your shipments will be handled safely and efficiently. Don’t worry about the weight of your suitcases anymore, let Garena Cargo take care of it! 

Dangerous Goods

Dangerous goods transport by air, sea, or road requires special handling and documentation procedures. 

At Garena Cargo, we have an ADR Safety Advisor, a figure responsible for assisting in the prevention of risks to people, property, or the environment inherent in activities related to dangerous goods transportation. This position is mandatory for the Ministry of Transport for this type of transportation. 

To perform transportation of dangerous goods, we will request additional documentation such as safety data sheets (MSDS), among other documents. We will also label and mark the shipments as required by law, ensuring maximum safety for these types of substances. 

We have extensive experience in handling various types of dangerous goods, such as automotive treatment products, vaccines, biological materials, batteries, etc. 

As we understand that each cargo is different, please contact us, and we will advise you on how to transport it, how to prepare the goods for the journey, and everything necessary to avoid any problem. 

We have an agent in China

If you wish to import goods from China, we have a trusted collaborator with whom we have been working for years, providing us security for every transport from Asia. 

It is important to know that transporting goods from Asian countries to Europe requires knowledge of European regulations for goods entering European territory, as well as customs requirements into the European Economic Community and understanding of taxes that will be applied at customs clearance (tariffs, VAT, plastic tax, special duties, etc.). We recommend you asking us before making any payment for the goods you want to import.

We will answer all your questions. 

If you need more information or have any doubts about the calculation, please write us, providing the boxes dimensions, weight, value, etc and we will send you a quote without engagement. 

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